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Professional Courses

F.I.I. provides a full range of professional level courses and the effective platform for individuals inspired to share the F.I.I. philosophy, skills, and knowledge with their community. Whether pursuing this as a full-time job or for supplemental income to support their spearfishing or freediving activities, all F.I.I. Instructors promote a healthy ocean lifestyle while improving the safety and effectiveness of the sport.

The professional programs start at the assistant instructor level, with opportunities leading into pursuit of multi-level instructor certifications and specialty teaching ratings.

F.I.I Courses Flow Chart

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Steps to Becoming an FII Level 1 Freediving Instructor


Attain the F.I.I. Level 1 Freediver certification


Attain the F.I.I. Advanced Freediving Safety certification


Attain the F.I.I. Assistant Instructor certification


Pass the F.I.I. Level 1 Freediving Instructor Examination

Once certified, FII Instructors gain access to the following exclusive services:


Agency Support in your Teaching Business Operations


FII Freediving Professional Liability Insurance


FII Teaching Aids and Materials


Automated Online Student Certifying System


Worldwide Exposure on the FII Instructor & Course Locator


Personalized FII Instructor Online Portal (Manage your student database, list public courses, take payments & more)


On-going Training Support-Specialty Upgrades


Marketing Aids


Opportunities for Facility Growth

Assistant Instructor

FII Level 2 Freediver

Assistant Instructor

This program introduces and trains candidates in the F.I.I. teaching methods, standards and procedures, and course operations utilizing the F.I.I. Instructor manual and teaching scripts.

It is mandatory for all instructor candidates to attain this one-time certification. After passing this course, assistant instructors are qualified to coteach with fully certified FII instructors and independently supervise or guide FII certified freedivers.

  • FII standards and procedures
  • Fundamentals of the FII education system and teachings
  • Supervision and control of freedivers
  • Risk management
  • Confined water and open-water watermanship
  • Practical instructing and evaluation

Course Duration:
4-day course. Minimum 12 hours academics, 4 hours open water and 6 hours confined water training.

Age Requirement:
Minumum 18 years or older

FII Advanced Freediving Safety certification

Freediving Instructor Exam

Freediving Instructor Exam

For candidates wishing to operate independent teaching businesses, instructor examinations are available for all course levels and specialties. Please visit the Become an Instructor page for more information.

Available FII instructor ratings.

Core Instructor Ratings -

  • FII Level 1 Freediving Instructor
  • FII Level 2 Freediving Instructor
  • FII Level 3 Freediving Instructor

Specialty Instructor Ratings -

  • SI - Junior Freediving Instructor
  • SI - Waterman Survival Instructor
  • SI - Basic Freediving Safety Instructor
  • SI - Advanced Freediving Safety Instructor
  • SI - Monofin Instructor
  • SI - Spearfishing

Course Duration:
Varies for exam level

Age Requirement:
Minimum 18 years and older

Varies for exam level

FII Level 1 Freediver Pool Only