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2019-07-03 20:53:06

I took my Lvl 1 last weekend with Sophia P. at Florida Freedivers - had a great experience. Have been in the water most of my life but was impressed by how much I learned and how much farther I can go to expand my reach below. Sophia was highly knowledgeable and engaging, a great instructor!

Shane Hudepohl

2019-06-10 14:15:09

Andrew Quincoses was fantastic! He was knowledgeable; able to relay technical information in a way that was easily understood; above all he loves the sport and that was gifted to all of us through him and his cohort Oscarito!

George Gyarmathy

2019-05-30 12:11:57

Instructor:Joe Sheridan Joe, just wanted to thank you again for this past weekend’s L1 Freediving/Waterman Survival Extended course in Rincon, PR. I signed up after hearing many previous student’s rave about how it made them more comfortable and safer in the water. The course exceeded my already high expectations. Your vast experience and abilities as well as your teaching are beyond impressive. Being in an environment where safety is the primary concern while being able to push my own boundaries/comfort/skill level was incredible and has already paid dividends in the water. What I didn’t expect was how much I would enjoy freediving. I can’t imagine a more beautiful location and better crew than what I experienced in Rincon. I will definitely be back. I now have the bug and look forward to training with you and your incredible crew in the future.

Pedro Reyes-Farinas

2019-04-29 09:02:00

I just finished my level two freediver course with instructor Bobby Kim at Formula Freediving in Marathon, FL. The quality of the course content especially the complicated lung physiology and safety portions were fantastic and thoroughly explained. Andrew Eales also helped the class during the open water portion of the course. We could not have been better prepared. Every diver did greater than a 3 minute static in the pool. One diver accomplished a 4 minute and 38 sec hold and another a 4 min 59 sec hold. In the open water every diver made multiple near 100ft dives and every diver made over that mark. Never did we feel overwhelmed under prepared or unsupervised due to the great instructors available to us and the well prepared course content. Pedro Reyes-Farinas M.D. Level Two Freediver !!! Diplomate American Board of Emergency Medicine

Shane Montreuil

2019-04-10 21:29:38

Errol did a great job. The class was very informative and very well done. I highly recommend and can’t wait to take Level II.