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Michael Paul Mowrey

2020-08-17 07:10:39

Excellent teaching skills both didactic and dynamic! Oliver’s passion for the sport, his commitment to safety standards while simultaneously challenging students to push past their fears and ‘dive’ into the big blue made the class worth every penny! Thank you!

Jorge Pintado Verified Student

2020-08-16 20:48:47

Level 1 Freediver

Instructor: Oliver Haroun

The F.I.I. course at Drift Free-dive and free diving in the ocean left an impression on me, to say the least. The experience was un-forgettable. The instructor's guidance throughout the course, and constructive criticism in the open water combined for a great learning experience. Mr. Haroun leveraged his expertise and knowledge every time a question came up during the classroom portion. Furthermore, he was able to provide insightful and practical suggestions that contributed to the over all experience in the water. For example, he recommended a great wetsuit, and mentioned some mistakes first time buyers often make. He provided similar guidance for fins. In sum, I would most definitely recommend the F.I.I. course at Drift Free-dive to a friend and be a returning customer as well. Thanks Oliver!

Eric Bednorz Verified Student

2020-08-14 09:37:34

Freediving Instructor Exam

Instructor: Errol Putigna

What can I say Errol is the man! Honest feedback even though sometimes it is not what you would like to hear he delivers the message on how to accept your faults with a plan to get better. You can tell his passion is teaching, and Makes me want to strive to be a better human. I have already implemented techniques of his in my daily life and applied some of the methods when training with my teammates. Overall stoked and honored to have received my 9 days of fun from Errol!

Mike Walsh Verified Student

2020-08-13 15:43:00

Freediving Instructor Exam

Instructor: Errol Putigna

Every class I have taken with Fii has been better than the last, and has solidified my belief in the program and practices. I was blown away with my first experience with Joe Sheridan in about 2015 when I took Watermen's Survival with him, and his ability to calmly instruct and dissect every aspect of a dive to make us all better, safer divers. I took Level 2 with him 3 years later, and was again blown away. Joe has always credited Errol as being his mentor, so when I had the opportunity to learn from Errol, and have Joe shadowing, I simply couldn't pass it up. Talk about a dream team! They both bring such passion, personalization and professionalism to the table, that not only did I walk out a better diver and instructor, but a better person as well. I have been instructing in my industry for 20 years, and Errol was able to take my strengths and make them stronger, and my weaknesses minimize or disappear entirely. If you have a chance to learn from either of them, DON'T PASS IT UP! Masters of their craft, both diving and educating, I am forever grateful for Errol, Joe and the whole Fii organization. THANK YOU!!!

Christopher Burke Verified Student

2020-07-28 18:28:00

Level 1 Freediver

Instructor: Matthew Pasa

With no freediving experience, I attended the Level 1 class at Florida Freedivers with Instructor Virgil Price. Virgil took time with each of the students to make sure we were safe and successful. He gave me a lot of confidence and I was able to hold my breath longer and dive much deeper than I ever thought possible. I recommend Virgil to anyone looking to get into this sport safely.