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2020-10-21 14:00:22

Errol and Matt are both extremely personable and thorough in the training they provide. Safety comes first and that is an absolute must with something that can be so fatal without proper training and guidance. Did not receive my certification first time around and genuinely respect the fact they need to be absolutely sure you're safe in the water and can comfortably dive before writing you off with a certification. Looking forward to more dives in future.

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Christopher Burke Verified Student

2020-09-20 06:41:59

Level 2 Freediver

Instructor: Bobby Kim

Level 2 is a much more vigorous course than Level 1 and there was a lot to learn. Throughout the course, Instructor Kim insisted on proper technique. As the course progressed, I realized that proper technique was an important safety factor to avoid squeezes and be efficient under water. I appreciated that Bobby Kim worked with me closely to improve my technique and to reach deeper depths. I recommend that anyone serious about diving safely and reaching their goals take a course with Instructor Kim.

Gilbert Bradshaw Verified Student

2020-08-31 18:14:12

Level 1 Freediver

Instructor: Eric Jensen

Eric was a fantastic instructor. We went really in-depth in the classroom instruction and did a deep dive on safety (see what I did there?). I was not an easy student but Eric was very encouraging and enthusiastic. I honestly thought there was no way I was going to be able to dive that deep but he helped me realize I could do it. The program was structured in a way that was really helpful because I had the mental understanding that I could hold my breathe for three minutes and the deep dives didn't even last hardly more than a minute. So I realized it was 100% mental.

Wlises Mejia

2020-08-17 14:49:22

Oliver is a great instructor. Its obvious that he is very passionate about the sport and genuinely enjoys teaching. He is very knowledgeable and open to go the extra mile to make sure the information is received well. Since taking the class i've told all of my friends interested in the sport that Drift Freediving is the place to learn. Diving safely is a huge priority for me and the amount of time we spent not only on how to dive safely but how to respond to emergencies was great. Although I am not an experienced diver, I feel confident that because of Olivers instruction, I can dive safely and respond during an emergency if needed.

Matt McElroy

2020-08-17 12:29:49

I was able to take Level 1, AFS, Asst. Instructor and Instructor from Errol Putigna and Joe Sheridan. It was nothing but amazing. It was the toughest program I have been through. Saying that it was well worth every minute. I was able to not only working on my skills as a diver but also as an instructor. These skills I have already used in my other job as a Firefighter in teaching and giving feedback to others. Both Instructors truly love to teach and share their love of the water and free diving world. I would highly recommend taking a class from either one or even both of them.