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Eric Jensen FII #186
Eric Jensen
May 26, 2022, 8:09 pm - F.I.I. Status: ACTIVE

Level 1 Instructor

SI-Basic Freediving Safety

Assistant Instructor

Eric Jensen has been freediving up and down the coast of California his entire life. Raised on the water in Newport Beach with deep roots in sailing, freediving and spearfishing all over the world, his first love was the ocean. Passions for teaching, community service, and mentorship were sparked early in his life and in 2018, the dream of becoming a dive professional was achieved. Refining two lifelong passions and skills, Eric sought the guidance and training by renowned and accomplished 13x World Record holder Martin Stepanek. With an abundance of world-class diving found locally, Eric instructs certification courses year-round through Freediving Instructors International in Southern California.