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Kevin Sakuda FII #113
Kevin Sakuda
October 16, 2021, 8:23 am - F.I.I. Status: ACTIVE

Level 1 Instructor

Assistant Instructor

In 2015 Kevin won the US National Spearfishing Tournament and qualified himself as the #2 US Diver competing at the 2016 World Spearfishing Tournament in Syros, Greece. In addition to spearfishing Kevin's relaxed and calm underwater demeanor combined with F.I.I. Freediving skills has allowed him greater freedom to interact with all forms of underwater marine life such as cage-less shark dives, marine mammal watching, and UW exploration. As an Instructor with F.I.I. Kevin's experience will help students not only learn the F.I.I. curriculum but also understand how to apply the knowledge and skills for a safer, deeper, enhanced Freediving experience. In addition to his F.I.I. Teaching Certification Kevin is a licensed commercial fisherman since the age of 19, has run Corporate Safety and Risk Management Programs for Fortune 500 companies. Kevin is also the Founder/ Owner of HammerHead Spearguns the largest supplier of spearfishing and freediving equipment in the USA. You can also watch some of his freediving videos online which feature both spearfishing and marine mammal interaction all done on a single breath of air.